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    Using Functional Nutrition to Promote Employee and Business Well-Being with Audrey Botsford

    Date: April 13, 2023, 8:30am
    The Hilton Garden Inn
    714 Pratt Dr, Indiana, PA 15705
    Chapter Members=Included in your Chapter Membership Dues for 2023, Students=Free, Guests=$25.00
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    We will be meeting on Thursday, April 13th at 8:30 an at The Hilton Garden Inn; a continental breakfast will be provided.

    Please join us as Audrey Botsform provides us with a wonderful presentation on "Using Functional Nutrition to Promote Employee and Business Well-Being."

    Despite modern medical advances and a wealth of knowledge, American society is becoming sicker. The prevalence of chronic illness, obesity, and mental illness (including anxiety and depression) is at epidemic levels, and it is only growing. The financial cost of employee sick days, as well as rising cost of health insurance coverage, is costing companies billions, yet the overall burden of disease remains high. People cannot become healthy in the same environment that makes them sick, which is why a paradigm shift is needed. Functional Nutrition provides a fresh perspective that focuses on changing the environment in which “dis-ease” occurs and addressing root issues. Supporting health through targeted diet and lifestyle changes allows people to heal from the inside out. With this approach, people can become truly healthy, not just mitigate disease. This has relevance in a business and human resource setting, since employee health directly affects a company’s budget, productivity, and community image. This presentation will discuss the value of Functional Nutrition in a business setting, as well as suggestions for practical application.

    Audrey Botsford is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and a Registered Nurse with 8 years of bedside nursing experience in many different clinical settings, including specializing in cardiac and critical care. She also earned her Master’s in Nursing (MSN) from IUP. Audrey now works at Integrative Wellness Center providing one on one coaching for clients. She integrates individualized nutrition and lifestyle changes with her nursing background to help clients with a wide range of health concerns. Audrey became interested in Functional Nutrition through her personal health journey, and she is passionate about bringing hope and practical support to people struggling with the burden of “dis-ease.” She enjoys supporting people through the process of healing and loves celebrating the exciting “wins” with each person!


    **Pending SHRM and HRCI Credit Certification