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01/2021 Meetings & Events

    January 2021
    Date Event Type
    January 15 Diversity & Inclusion: Where to start your journey Meeting
    February 2021
    Date Event Type
    February 19 Finding Your Voice - Becoming a Powerful, Positive Communicator Meeting
    March 2021
    Date Event Type
    March 19 HR's Time Is Now Meeting
    April 2021
    Date Event Type
    April 16 Establishing Leadership Presence Meeting
    May 2021
    Date Event Type
    May 21 Demystifying Telework Accommodations: Three Steps to a Legally Defensible Interactive Process Meeting
    June 2021
    Date Event Type
    June 18 Background Screening: How to Use Criminal Records and the Background Check COMPLIANTLY In Your Hiring Process Meeting
    September 2021
    Date Event Type
    September 17 Our Secret to Reducing Turnover & Increasing Retention Meeting
    September 23 to September 24 PA SHRM's 2021 Virtual Annual State Conference-Beyond 2021; HR for a New Decade Conference
    October 2021
    Date Event Type
    October 27 ICASHRM Virtual Conference Conference
    October 28 ICASHRM Virtual Conference Conference
    November 2021
    Date Event Type
    November 19 Pay Equity in Action: Top 5 Strategies for Compliance and Risk Management Meeting